ZOOPLANCTON - 1 color (Andre the Spider)

ZOOPLANCTON - 1 color (Andre the Spider)

25 EUR
Print by Andre the Spider.

Limited edition 29/29 signed and numbered.

Hand printed by Coffeeshirt.

Size: 50x70 cm
1color - Paper Favini Remake

Remake is leather ‘upcycling’ on an industrial scale and represents the latest frontier in upcycling in the paper sector. This unique and innovative paper replaces 25% of wood tree pulp with leather residues.

Remake is not only a unique paper made of leather: it’s also 100% recyclable and compostable, and perfectly suited to luxury printing and packaging. The residues, which are visible on the surface, give the paper its distinctive look and its amazing soft and velvety feel.

In full respect the environment, Remake contains 40% of post-consumer waste.

The leather by-products are sourced from traceable Italian origin.